Fishing Violations in Key Largo and Plantation Key

For any fishing enthusiast, you must be familiar with fishing violations. If you are surprised that such violations actually exist, take your time to go through this article.

Natural resource preservation includes the preservation of fish both in the natural and acquired habitats. Just like in hunting and any other animal sport, fish is legally protected by a number of laws. In Florida, the violation of the fishing regulations might warrant penalty under the law.

The fishing penalties for fishing without a license in Florida that one can suffer upon violation include fines, citations, and court appearance. Fishing penalties without license guarantees no jail term to be served if the offender is found guilty, except for contempt of court.

Examples of Fishing Violations

The enforcer of these violations in Florida is FWC. Recent fwc violation reports have shown that the number of people who are subjected to Florida fishing penalties has reduced over time. The examples below give ways through which any fisherman or woman can go against FWC citations:

  1. Fishing without a license

    To be allowed to fish in Florida, you need to get a license from FWC. There is an age restriction for anyone who requires a fishing license, as anyone older than 65 and younger than 16 cannot be granted a license. Military men, anyone who has lived less than 6 months in the state of Florida and anyone who is considered unstable will not get a license as well. If caught volating this law you are subjected to fishing penalty. Ensure that your pay FWC ticket to avoid illegal fishing penalty. Since illegal fishing is considered non-criminal, the illegal fishing penalties that an offender can suffer is mainly a fine and at times, a court appearance.

  2. Unclear marking of a fish house

    If you fish commercially, it is expected that you will clearly label your fish house. The labeling is necessary to warn any passers-by and ensure that the FWC guidelines are strictly followed. This is a minor violation which again warrants just a fine or a court appearance.

  3. Violation of a recreational fishing law

    Commercial and recreational fishing are both allowed but each requires a license to be carried out. Each of these licenses is accompanied by laws which have to be adhered to by the licensees. The violation of these laws might warrant fines, court appearances and at times, the revocation of a fishing license by FWC.

  4. Illegal purchase or sale of protected freshwater fish

    Some freshwater fish species are protected by FWC citations, and the sale or purchase of these fish might lead to prosecution. The fish may be protected for a number of reasons including the fear of extinction or the prevention of depletion through sports fishing. The illegal sale and purchase of these fish may at times be considered criminal, depending on the level of violation. Therefore, fines, jail time, revocation of licenses, and court appearances might be among the penalties suffered. The list above of violations is non-exhaustive, and especially for anyone who fishes commercially. Ensure you avoid them to avoid prosecution.

Remedies for Fishing Violations

Most fishing violations are non-criminal, and therefore, include no jail time or criminal prosecution. However, you can lose your license or be fined in case you are found guilty. Getting a qualified lawyer is a good option if you have been sued for a fishing violation. Ensure that the lawyer you get has experience handling fishing violations.


  • 1You have the right to remain silent
  • 2You have the right to speak to a lawyer
  • 3You have the right to refuse a search of yourself, home, car, boat or plane
  • 4You have the right to refuse any voluntary dui/bui tests


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