Boating Offenses in the Florida Keys

Arrested for a boating violation in the Keys?

Nothing will put a damper on your day on the water in the Florida Keys like a negative interaction with law enforcement. Be it an innocent speeding violation or a more serious Boating Under the Influence (BUI) charge, Anthony J. Stonick / Criminal Defense Attorney is experienced in handling boating violations and getting the best outcomes for his clients.

Can I get my boating violation dismissed?

Anthony J. Stonick / Criminal Defense Attorney will work to diminish the penalty for your boating violation in the Keys and--depending on the severity of your offense--it may be possible to drastically reduce your offense and sentence. The following is a list of Florida boating violations that our attorneys are experienced with:

  • Vessel Registration/Decal/Licensure
  • Exceeding Speed and Horsepower Regulations
  • Reckless/Careless Operation of a Vessel
  • Riding Improperly
  • Obstructing the Navigation of other Boaters
  • Lack of/Improper Flotation Devices
  • Littering/Pollution
  • Boating Under the Influence of alcohol and/or drugs

With some boating violations being more serious than others, it is important to begin to make progress on the defense of your case as soon as possible. Be in touch with our law office to ensure that the proper attention is given to your case. Check out the official Florida boating safety requirements and regulations for lawfully operating your personal watercraft here.

Boating Violations in the Florida Keys

If you have been charged or arrested on a boating violation, let our office help you receive the minimum consequence based on the facts of your case.

Don’t let your boating violation ruin your future days on the water, or color your perception of the Florida Keys. Call us today to rest assured that an experienced Keys-based lawyer versed in the Florida State Statutes is on your case.

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  • 2You have the right to speak to a lawyer
  • 3You have the right to refuse a search of yourself, home, car, boat or plane
  • 4You have the right to refuse any voluntary dui/bui tests


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