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The legal professionals at Anthony J. Stonick Attorney at Law draw from countless resources --ranging from our many years of experience to the latest cutting edge legal technologies and databases-- to represent your criminal defense case effectively. We consistently evaluate our inter-office procedures for dealing with Fort Lauderdale courts, and look for ways to improve. We also bring more resources towards representing our clients during criminal defense legal proceedings.

The legal representatives of Anthony J. Stonick Attorney at Law have proved crucially helpful to Fort Lauderdale area clients in all sorts of criminal defense cases. Our many years of experience have allowed us to gain knowledge on the best ways to prepare these cases. At Anthony J. Stonick Attorney at Law, our clients enjoy a highly motivated and professional firm that puts their needs first when building defenses.

If you are facing criminal defense charges in the Fort Lauderdale area, working with Anthony J. Stonick Attorney at Law can help you throughout the whole process. We work hard to understand the cases of our clients in Fort Lauderdale. We seek out and use all possible details that will help us create a better defense for your criminal defense case.

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Anthony J. Stonick Attorney at Law is here to make sure your rights are observed and respected while you go through your criminal defense case. We provide legal aid and guidance to clients throughout the Fort Lauderdale area. Do not hesitate to give us a call today at (305) 324-7888, or to visit our offices at 93911 Overseas Highway . 

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