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Here at Anthony J. Stonick Attorney at Law, we are invested in your success, and we take pride in our ability to ensure the proper handling of our clients’ Orlando area cases. The name, Anthony J. Stonick Attorney at Law, stands for an almost obsessive attention to detail and assurance that your drunk driving case will be properly handled.

The legal team at Anthony J. Stonick Attorney at Law represents defendants throughout their Orlando area drunk driving proceedings. From the moment a defendant is charged with a crime, to the appellate hearing in the Orlando area courts, our commitment to your rights in drunk driving cases is unwavering.

The legal professionals of Anthony J. Stonick Attorney at Law are well prepared for the difficult aspects of drunk driving proceedings. We will work hard to ensure a fair and unbiased ruling from your judge and jury. Fair trial is incredibly important to us, so we will work hard in studying the relevant drunk driving standards of precedent from past cases in the Orlando area and providing you the best representation possible.

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In drunk driving situations, defendants of Orlando area courts have an unfortunate disposition of bias from the start. Do not let Orlando area prosecutors dominate your drunk driving case. After many years of practice, we at Anthony J. Stonick Attorney at Law feel confident in our abilities to help you. Call us at (305) 324-7888 to utilize those abilities today.

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